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When it comes to selecting your medical marijuana clinic, you probably have lots of questions. That’s okay because we’re here to help. A good medical center is one that’s available for you whenever you need them. We’re proud to be a 24-hour medical marijuana clinic, so we’re always online and available for you. 

If you’re dealing with a chronic health condition that negatively impacts your overall quality of life, MDBerry might be the solution you need. If other methods of treatment have failed, maybe it’s time you choose an approach that’s more natural and holistic.

How to get qualified for a medical marijuana card?

All you need is to provide proof that you’re a legal resident using a birth certificate, driver’s license, or a utility bill.
Then our expert team members will help you through the qualification process. You need to determine that you have a condition which your state has deemed treatable through medical cannabis.
Depending on your state laws, you might not always have to see a qualifying physician in person which means that sometimes your qualification process can take place from the comfort of your own home. When you work with us, know that you’re going to get quality, expert care from people you can trust. Our physicians are trained to carefully evaluate your medical condition and health history to uncover the conditions that are preventing you from leading your best life.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Our Licensed Physician

When you’re searching for a medical evaluation clinic located near you, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable practitioner. Avoiding scams is the most important part of obtaining your medical marijuana card. Fortunately, you can trust that you’re in good hands with us, since we have licensed and trained physicians and staff on call 24 hours a day. A reputable cannabis clinic is going to take time to treat you like the individual you are.

Why us

If you’re fed up with the status quo of conventional treatment and are ready to take your health into your own hands, contact us. We’re happy to help walk you through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card. Stop trying to find wellness with treatment plans that don’t work. When you choose MDBerry, we’ll align you with a trusted health professional that will take time to help you figure out what your best life should look like. Then, we’ll do everything we can to make that a reality. When you take control of your health, you’re taking the first step toward true wellness.