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The purpose of cannabis and psy-chedelics?


Cannabis and psychedelic therapies are a viable alternative to traditional treatment methods. For so long this medicine was kept underground. 


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Medical Cannabis Consultation

We are happy to help you with a consultation for your medical cannabis. At MDBerry, you are guaranteed to receive thorough expertise. Our certified medical marijuana physicians are certified on the effects and benefits of cannabis and psychedelics for an array of conditions from anxiety to chronic pain.

Space Hike

There are 5,373 hiking trails in California. In each mile, there is an opportunity to reflect, to find truth and new meanings.
Reconnect with yourself in the gorgeous nature of this land:
 – Guided hike with a practitioner.
 – Psychedelics and Cannabis 101 consultation.
 – Beautiful trails and views

Microdosing Regular Consultations (2-month period)

Navigate changes with live regular support from a practitioner.
 – Make sense of new meanings and insights.
 – Build healthy nutrition.
 – Get help selecting over-the-counter supplements to stay balanced.
 – Support available every day via chat and regular 15-minute check-in calls once a week for a 2-month period.

Psychedelics Consultation

Psychedelics are tools. They can help you either build or break. We believe, the impact quality of the medicine largely depends on preparation as well as integration work. Psychedelic consultation offers you the opportunity to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of psychedelic therapy before applying it. With more and more people resorting to the guided use of psychedelics for mental health recovery, it’s best to seek advice from an MD expert in the medicine prior to therapy sessions. 

Licensed practitioners at MDBerry will provide all the necessary medical advice before and after psychedelic therapy. Psychedelic therapy may be a transformative journey, but it’s not for everyone. With advice from our doctors with expertise in psychedelic drugs, you’re assured maximum benefit, safety, and security.

Learn more about what Psychedelic consultations are and what to expect – Book Your Consultation Today.

"Nature is alive, and talking to us. This is not a metaphor."
- Terence Mckenna -

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Brought my sister-in-law because my experience here has always been so positive. She was very happy with her consultation and the doctor's recommendations.
Sara C.
Mill Valley, CA
Very informative. Professional and kind. I called in for a few questions and they were very polite and not trying to rush you off the phone, like other places. I would recommend this place to anyone. They have an office in San Francisco and San Jose. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Mike Stuart
Richmond, CA
Seemingly fast service. The marketing team is definitely on top of their job when it comes to contacting you once you fill out any information. I was on the fence about purchasing but they called and answered a few questions which lead me to do so.
Trinika J.
Dallas, TX